The Group


Triton Group comprises 12 well-reputable companies operating in a varied spectrum of industries. The Triton Group components are prominent players in the engineering and tank erection sector, logistics, tourism, aviation, catering, film production as well as real estate development.


Triton Group is a family business run by three brothers who founded the group in April 1991. Following the rapid and successful growth of the first company – Triton Logistics – the Debono brothers resolved to expand and branch out into various industries. The Group has since grown from strength to strength.


This confident, creative and committed approach to business remains the motive behind Triton Group’s steady and booming progression. Undaunted by fresh challenges Triton Group has built a robust reputation for reliability and delivering results on time and to agreed schedules.



One of the Triton Group’s star qualities is its symbiosis with an international network of commercial entities - ranging from Europe to South America - which inherently provides added strength and stability. Triton Group’s international links extend to its staff - Triton Group boasts a staff pool of over 10 nationalities hailing from mainland Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean. Such a wide pool of nationalities allows for vaster litheness in providing multilingual, young and energetic human resources.


Triton Group is a member of the Malta Association of Credit Management, Malta Institute of Management and The Malta Chamber of Commerce.


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